Walkthrough – Ninja Shadow – Makoto

by Vehura
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Makoto is a demon for work. The way he talks is harsh, but what he says is usually to the point. He like painting and enjoying pictures.


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Chapter 1

Part 5

To avenge my brother.
To protect my village. (Best)

Part 10

Bear with it.
Get angry. (Best)

Part 10 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Need 100 pt to continue

Chapter 2

Part 4

Accept. (Best)
Tell him I’m unsure.

Part 7

“I didn’t want to trouble you.” (Best)
“I didn’t know what to do.”

Part 9  – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Glossy Lipstick + CG (Mild +40) – 5 JADE
Normal: Sulking Mouth (Mild +20) – 1000 Koban

Chapter 3

Part 4

Congratulations. (Best)
You should break up.

Part 5 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Need 1900 pt to continue

Part 8

The owner of the Meiko Salon?
The magistrate of Nagasaki? (Best)

Chapter 4

Part 5

Play along. (Best)
Remain silent.

4.05 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Gorgeous Pouch+ CG (Mild +190) – 35 Jade
Normal: Arabesque Cloth Wrapper (Mild +115) – 3300 Koban

Part 7

My hometown is more relaxing.
I’ve taken a liking to it. (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 1

Slap him. (Best)
Slap myself.

Part 10

I trust Makoto. (Best)
I trust my allies.

Chapter 6

Part 7

Tell him I’m worried.
Thank him. (Best)

Part 9

We’re a team.
You’re my fiance. (Best)

Chapter 7

Part 4

There was a strange mist. (Best)
It looked like a disguise.

Part 4 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Need 8300 pt to Continue

Part 6

“I have to avenge my brother.”
“I have to prove your innocence.” (Best)

Chapter 8

Part 4

Politely refuse. (Best)
Act interested.

Part 10

Thank Wakasa and Kinshiro.
Get Makoto and Yuzuki to make up. (Best)

Chapter 9

Part 4

Admit it.
Talk back. (Best)

8.09 Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Cute Updo + CG (Mild +270) – 85 Jade
Normal: Simple Updo (Mild +240) – 7200 Koban

Part 8

I want to avenge my brother.
We could get some new information. (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 5 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Need 16300 pt to Continue

Part 7

Help me. (Best)
I can’t.

Part 13

Ask about the kiss attempt. (Best)
Ask if he loves me.

Chapter 11

Part 2

Drink the sake.
Pour some sake for Makoto. (Best)

Part 8

Just report the mission.
Lean in toward Makoto. (Best)

Part 9 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Outfit of Makoto’s Liking + CG (Mild +320) – 100 Jade
Normal: Simple Yukata (Mild +270) – 8000 Koban

Chapter 12

Part 4

Decline his offer. (Best)

Part 8 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Need 27400 pt to Continue

Part 10

Blush and look away.
Agree. (Best)

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