Walkthrough – Ninja Shadow – Tokugawa

by Vehura
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Cheerful, playful, and innocent, Tokugawa may not look very thoughtful. On the contrary, he is a wise leader who always thinks first about his country and people.


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Chapter 1

Part 3

Clearly insist anyway. (Best)
Humbly attempt to point it out.

Part 4 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 100 pt to continue

Part 6

Attempt to explain our presence to Haru. (Best)
Try to avoid the question.

Chapter 2

Part 2

Use my ninja skills to protect myself.
All him to cut me, so I won’t appear unusual. (Best)

Part 3

“It sounds like you enjoy those memories.” (Best)
“Are you saying we came up here to look for him?”

Part 3  – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Cherry Blossom Shuriken + CG (Mild +40) – 5 Jade
Normal: Small Shuriken (Mild +20) – 600 Gold

Chapter 3

Part 1

“That’s a wonderful memory.”
“It sounds like you really miss him.” (Best)

Part 3

Decide to tell him the truth. (Best)
Attempt to make up an excuse.

Part 4 –  Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 1100 pt to continue

Chapter 4

Part 3

“I’m taking in the fresh air.”
“I’m helping in the Meiko Salon’s shop.” (Best)

Part 5

Explain how I learned to throw it from Nobuyuki. (Best)
Tell him about all of my late-night training.

Chapter 5

Part 2

Consider it. (Best)

Part 2  – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Braids and Flower Pins Hairdo + CG (Mild +115) – 35 Jade
Normal: Gibson Tuck updo (Mild +70) – 2000 Gold

Part 4

Express my anger.
Calmly hold his gaze. (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 2

Hide my embarrassment.
Voice of displeasure. (Best)

Part 4

“Your brother must have meant a lot to you.” (Best)
“You must have really adored your brother.”

Part 7 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 4400 pt to continue

Chapter 7

Part 1

That’s not true. (Best)
Remain silent.

Part 3

Think about Nobuyuki. (Best)
Ponder Yoshiyuki.

Chapter 8

Part 2

I was surprised.
I was not surprised. (Best)

Part 3

“You take this very seriously, don’t you.”
“I think you’re exceptionally considerate.” (Best)

Part 3  – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Tokugawa Castle + CG (Mild +270) – 85 Jade
Normal: Japanese Crested Ibis Ornament (Mild +140) – 4000 Gold

Chapter 9

Part 1

Ask him about it.
Listen to what he has to say. (Best)

Part 1 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 10000 pt to continue

Part 5

Dissuade him from thinking that.
Remain silent. (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 2

Buy some dumplings that we can share with the others.
The candied apple is plenty. (Best)

Part 4

Try not to commit myself. (Best)
Reluctantly join in.

Chapter 11

Part 1

Quietly let them go. (Best)
Try to stop them.

Part 3

Glare at him.
Calmly gaze back. (Best)

Part 3  – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Tokugawa’s Favorite Maxi Dress + CG (Mild +320) – 100 Jade
Normal: Gold Piping Kimono Dress (Mild +200) – 8800 Gold

Chapter 12

Part 2

Release my sickle and chain. (Best)
Toss a throwing star at Tsubaki.

Part 2 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 16300 pt to continue

Part 4

I felt lonely. (Best)
I felt sad.

Contributor(s): Kasey Kair

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