Walkthrough – Ninja Shadow – Ukyo

by Vehura
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Ukyo is a man of big heart and principle, and he always carries out his words. His special skill is he’s good with names and faces.


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Chapter 1

Part 3

Tell him the truth. (Best)
Play it off.

Part 4 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 100 pt to continue

Part 6

Honestly tell him that it was too much food.
Lie to him and just say it’s due to being exhausted.(Best)

Chapter 2

Part 2

Harshly tell him to stop. (Best)
Gently turn him down.

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Himuro Shrine’s Good-luck Charm + CG (+40 Stylishness) – 5 Jade
Normal: Braided Cord (+20 Stylishness) – 540 Koban

Part 7

Talk back. (Best)
Stare at him.

Chapter 3

Part 2

Kagura (Best)

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Calico Scarf + CG (+115 Stylishness) – 35 Jade
Normal: Plain Scarf (+350 Stylishness) – 1030 Koban

Part 8

Jump in. (Best)
Look at Kagura.

Chapter 4

Part 1

Stand still. (Best)

Part 8

Ask Eduard.
Look for someone else. (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 2

Block him from leaving.
Watch him off. (Best)

Part 8

Are you sure you want to go with me?
I would love to go with you, Ukyo. (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 1

Tell him that I’m okay. (Best)
Thank him.

Part 2 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 4200 pt to continue

Part 6

It’s none of your business.
I didn’t fall in love with anyone. (Best)

Chapter 7

Part 3

Thank him.
Sulk. (Best)

Part 4 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Starry Night City + CG (+270 Stylishness) – 85 Jade
Normal: Night Sky Rooftops (+185 Stylishness) – 5300 Koban

Part 8

Look down at the ground in silence. (Best)
Tell them that there is a misunderstanding.

Chapter 8

Part 3

Continue bowing.
Tell Ukyo to lower his head as well. (Best)

Part 5 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 11000 pt to continue

Part 9

Do I need to get stronger? (Best)
Should I just stay by his side?

Chapter 9

Part 3

Defend oneself.
Apologize. (Best)

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Ukyo’s Favorite! Large Flower Kimono Set + CG (+320 Stylishness) – 100 Jade
Normal: Modestly-patterned Kimono Set (+215 Stylishness) – 6500 Koban

Part 6

Show your dedication. (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 4

I had a great time. (Best)
I have no idea what’s going on.

Part 6

Let out a bitter laugh.
Tell him that I love him. (Best)

Chapter 11

Part 2

Nod. (Best)
Shake head.

Part 5

Don’t make me say that now.
It was love at first sight all over again. (Best)

Chapter 12

Part 2

I am here for my brother.
I am here for Nagasaki. (Best)

Part 3 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 21300 pt to continue

Part 4

Say nothing.
I love you. (Best)

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