Walkthrough – Office Lover – Henri Shiraishi

by Vehura
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Henri Shiraishi

Henri Shiraishi, who is the manager of the Strategic Sales Department, is known as a handsome playboy prince around the office.


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Note: The game utilizes a lot of extra choices to shape how you want to react. The two choice ones, as far as I can tell, don’t really effect the story. The three choice ones do and match choices from the original version of the game.

Choice 1

[1] “T-That’s…”
[2] “Thank you.”
[3] “I’m glad, too.” (Best)

Choice 2

[1] Ask about his hobbies.
[2] Ask about his travels.
[3] Ask about work. (Best?)

Choice 3

[1] “It’s nothing.”
[2] “How was last night?” (Best)
[3] “Are you enjoying Japan?”

Choice 4

[1] “I don’t mind.”
[2] “It’s no big deal.” (Best)
[3] “She was crying, wasn’t she?”

Choice 5

[1] glamorous celebrity dress.
[2] sexy bodycon dress.
[3] pretty prom dress. (Best)

Hidden Story – $0.99 to Read
Special Story + CG Unlock

Choice 6

[1] “I wasn’t confident in myself.”
[2] “Because there were misunderstandings.” (Best)
[3] “It caused you some trouble, didn’t it?”

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