Walkthrough – Office Lover – Omi Kitazawa

by Vehura
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Omi Kitazawa

Omi Kitazawa is a genius fashion designer who is known around the office as a hot and cold sexy playboy. As his new secretary, can you win him over?


  • Happy
  • Normal

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Note: The game utilizes a lot of extra choices to shape how you want to react. The two choice ones, as far as I can tell, don’t really effect the story. The three choice ones do and match choices from the original version of the game.

Choice 1

[1] “Why should I?!”
[2] “If it’s that urgent…” (Best)
[3] I guess.“

Choice 2

[1] “I think he’s cool.” (Best)
[2] “I don’t like him.”
[3] “I’m here to work.”

Choice 3

[1] (Yup, it’s just work…)
[2] “Thank you very much.” (Best)
[3] (Pretty hard to memorize.)

Choice 4

[1] “Should I be happy?”
[2] “You’re kidding me?”
[3] (Is he playing with me again?) (Best) 

Choice 5

[1] “Am I your favorite?” (Best) 
[2] “He was a strange man.”
[3] (Awkward…)

Hidden Story – $1.99 to Read

Choice 6

[1] “B-But…”
[2] “No, I can’t, sir.”
[3] “Yes, sir.” (Best) 

Choice 7

[1] “Aaah!” (Best) 
[2] “Please don’t!”
[3] (Ph, do whatever you want!)

Choice 8

[1] “Of course.” (Best)
[2] “Huh?…I have something planned…”
[3] “No, I can’t.”

Hidden Story – $1.99? to Read

Choice 9

[1] “Please, don’t”
[2] “…”
[3] “What’s come over you?” (Best)

Special Story + CG Unlock

Choice 10

[1] “It’s amazing.”
[2] “I wasn’t watching.”
[3] “…” (Best)

Choice 11

[1] “No, I can’t.”
[2] (He’s a womanizer after all.)
[3] (… It makes me happy though.) (Best)

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