Walkthrough – Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale – Kite

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending – <130
  • Happy Ending – 130 – 170 Affection
  • Royal Ending – 170+ Affection + wedding dress from gacha

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Note: If you see a note next to an answer labelled (-X at check) where X is a number, that means that, in order to pass the upcoming scenario, you will need to make up at least that many points if you follow the numbers that all match. So, if you see (-2 at check), follow all answers labelled (-2 at check) and then make sure you have +2 worth of Private Room Avatars so that you can pass the upcoming check. I have removed the other answers that are higher in a set to help with confusion. Also, please PLEASE spin the Fairy Gacha daily. This game is horrible to figure out and you should always be spinning that gacha to be on the safe side.

Episode 1

Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Lady Hat (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Ribbon (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Diamond

Scenario 5

You’re just really similar to Kaito? (pass)
I don’t believe this.
I’m sorry.

Scenario 6

Call out to him.
Go after him. (pass)
Look witout doing anything.

Scenario 9 – Elegance Trial (Needs 150?+ Elegance to continue)
Sweet Memory ★ Kite Chapter 01: 09 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 11

I don’t really believe it.
Really? (pass)
I see.

Scenario 15 – Special Story + CG (Needs +11? Affection)

Episode 2

Scenario 3

OK, got it. (-4 at check)
But to have that said to suddenly…

Scenario 7 – Avatar Trial
Premium:Navy Love (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal:Stripes (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/1000 Diamond

Scenario 9

(I can’t make a decision now.)
(Maybe I should ask Albert.)
(I’d like to be with Kite if I can…) (-4 at check)

Scenario 13 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 14

Patiently wait.
Help out. (pass)
Ask Kite what you should do.

Episode 3

Sweet Memory ★ Kite Chapter 03: 03 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 4

It’s no[t] Kite’s fault! (pass)
(I can’t say anything back…)
(Maybe I should ask for someone else.)

Scenario 6 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 10

Brag about how well made it is.
As[k] him if he thinks it’s good.
Give it to Kite as a gift (pass)

Scenario 10 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 14

How should I say……
It was a success.
Thanks for watching out for me. (pass)

After Scenario 15 – Go to the My Page, for a 7-day Gacha specific to Kite. It takes gacha tickets to spin and you can only get an item once.

Episode 4

Scenario 1 – Special Story + CG (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 3

Chase after him. (-4 at check)
Tell him to wait.
Look at him.

Scenario 7

What’s wrong?
Is it… weird? (-4 at check)
(What’s the matter?)

Scenario 11 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Kind Eyes (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Cat Eyes (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/2500 Diamond

Scenario 12

Welcome him back
Ask him what happened
Stay quiet and wait. (-4 at check)

Episode 5

Scenario 2

Thank you.
Tell him you want him to let you go (-4 at check)
Stay still

Scenario 3 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Note: With the following selections, you will need to make up 8 points here to be safe.

Scenario 9

Tell Albert that you were thinking about him.
Tell him the truth.
Avoid his question

Scenario 10 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 12

Say something while going into the room
Knock once more
Quietly open the door and go in

Sweet Memory ★ Kite Chapter 05:14 (Need 200 Platinum)

Episode 6

Scenario 1

Call his name
Watch him walk away
Grab his clothes

Scenario 8

Hug him back
Accept his answer
Do nothing (-6 at check)(-8 follow up A

Scenario 9 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 11

Call out Kite’s name (pass)
Close your eyes
Try and take away Silvio’s hand

Scenario 12 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Long Blond Hair (Charm +20) – 450 Platinum
Normal: Pink Tails (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/5000 Diamond

Episode 7

Scenario 2 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 3

Stop him
Grab his hand and hold him back (-4 at check)

Scenario 10

Tell him how dangerous this is. (-4 at check)
Calmly stop him
Worry about him.

Sweet Memory ★ Kite Chapter 07:11 (Need 200 Platinum)

Scenario 14

It’s like we’re in a dream
I wonder if they’re cold like snow?
They’re so pretty and cute. (-4 follow up)

Episode 8

Scenario 1

Sorry. (-4 follow up)
But, I…

Scenario 4 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 7

Stare at him
Get met close to him and hug him
Call out his name. (-4 at check)

Scenario 14 – Special Story + CG (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 14

(Kite, I love you so much…) (-6 for Happy Ending)(best answer)
(Kite, thank you…)
(Kite, I’m sorry.)

Episode 9

Scenario 2

I’m all right.
But when I’m with you, I feel happy. (-6 for Happy Ending)
That makes me a little sad.

Sweet Memory ★ Kite Chapter 09:03 (Need 200 Platinum)

Scenario 8

Hold your breath.
Leave immediately. (-6 for Happy Ending)
Run away frpm your hiding place.

Scenario 9 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Noble (Charm +20) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Frilly (Charm +15) – 200 Platinum/7500 Diamond
Scenario 13 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 15

Shout his name
Struggle as much as you can (-6 for Happy Ending)

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