Walkthrough – Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale – Leonhardt

Endings –

  • Normal Ending – <130
  • Happy Ending – 130 – 170 Affection
  • Royal Ending – 170+ Affection + wedding dress from gacha

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Note:  In December 2015, Arithmetic re-released this route with a new translation which it desperately needed. So, until I can run the route again, the answers in the walkthrough probably will not match the answers in the app.

THIS WALKTHROUGH IS 99.9% COMPLETE. Because FLT is not your typical checks in intervals of 5 and the story itself is short, it is a pain to figure out. When following this walkthrough, you will need to make up +5 in order to get the good ending. That’s it. So, as long as you spin the gacha daily, you are good to go.

Episode 1

Scenario 2

Okay, Leon…
Leon… sir. (+5)
(It’s just isn’t right…)

Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Passion yellow heel (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: choker + bracelet set (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Diamond

Scenario 8

Whatever you say…
It has to be done by me (+5)
Am I good enough for this?

Scenario 9 – Elegance Trial (Needs 150+ Elegance to continue)
Sweet Memory ★ Leonhardt Chapter 01: 09 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 12

Call out to him. (+5)
Chase him.
Watch him leave.

Scenario 14 – Special Illustration (Needs ??? Affection)

Episode 2

Scenario 2

I want to be friends with them too.
How I envy you
You’re awesome, Leon. (+5)

Scenario 7

Homemade cake. (+5)
A letter of appreciation

Scenario 8 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)
Scenario 13 – Elegance Trial (Needs ????+ Elegance to continue)

Scenario 14

I’m scared (+5)
I’m good with Silvio
Either one is fine.

Episode 3

Scenario 2

(Perhaps anyone’s fine…)
What do you think, Harold?
(Maybe Leon…) (+5)

Sweet Memory ★ Leonhardt Chapter 03: 04 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 6

Thank him. (+5)
Gaze at him.
I can’t do anything.

Scenario 7 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 11

Thank you (-5 at check)
I’m sorry
Is it really fine?

After Scenario 12 – Go to the My Page, for a 7-day “Flower Love Bedroom Gacha” specific to Leon. It takes gacha tickets to spin and you can only get an item once. Rare item has a fluff scenario attached.
Scenario 15 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Gold Tiara (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Border Niso + purple pumps+ bracelet set (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/1000 Diamond

Episode 4

Sweet Memory ★ Leonhardt Chapter 04: 01 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 5

I don’t know.
I think so. (-5 at check)
May be

Scenario 9 – Special Story+CG (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 10

Tell the truth. (+5)
Lie to him.
It was a mistake.

Scenario 14 – Elegance Trial (Needs ????+ Elegance to continue)

Scenario 15

I don’t understand either.
I want to be with you. (+5)
I just felt like

Episode 5

Scenario 4

Yes, please
How about Leon… (+5)
How about Harold…

Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Rose Bouquet (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Flower fringe (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/2500 Diamond

Scenario 7

You’re so used to party
You looked cool with confidence (+5)
You are a prince after all.

Scenario 11 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 15

I can’t find what to say
I was too concentrated.
Because I was happy. (+5)

Episode 6

Scenario 2

Favorite food?
Favorite thing to do? (+5)

Sweet Memory ★ Leonhardt Chapter 06: 02(Need 200 Platinum)
Scenario 9 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 10

About the dance… (+5)
About the day of the ball
About you, Leon…

Scenario 15

That’s not an issue
You are you, Leon (+5)
I’m a bit afraid though…

Episode 7

Scenario 5

This is so unusual
I’m glad you came. (+5)
It was unexpected

Scenario 10

Photo of an animal?
Photo of someone important? (+5)
Photo of yourself?

Scenario 12 – Special Story (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 14

No I don’t want. (+5)
There’s nothing I can say

Episode 8

Scenario 1

It’s true. (+5)

Please calm down

Scenario 3 – Special Illustration (Needs ??? Affection)

Scenario 6

Should I discuss with someone…
Maybe I should wait for Leon (+5)
I have to do this by myself

Scenario 10 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)
Sweet Memory ★ Leonhardt Chapter 08: 14 (Need 200 Platinum)

Scenario 15

Nod silentl
Um, perhaps no…
May I? (+5)

Episode 9

Scenario 2

Ask for some distance.
Don’t react. (+5)
Feign calmness.

Scenario 3 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Yellow mini dress (Charm +35)
Normal: Purple Cardigan + yellow dress (Charm +15) – 200 Platinum/7500 Diamond

Scenario 7

Sit beside him
Sit on his lap as he asks. (+5)
Keep standing

Sweet Memory ★ Leonhardt Chapter 09: 07 (Need 200 Platinum)
You get naked on the bed with Leon while kissing and touch. I give it the thumbs up.

Scenario 15

Argue back at him. (+5)
Stare at him silently.
Look at Leon

Happy Ending
Unlocks a 7-day gacha where, if you acquire the rare wedding dress, you will unlock the Premium End. Uses gacha tickets to spin.

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