Walkthrough – Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale – Luca

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending – <130
  • Happy Ending – 130 – 170 Affection
  • Royal Ending – 170+ Affection + wedding dress from gacha

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I bold my answers. There is no reason to put if affection goes up as it says that no matter which answer you choose. My answer might not be the top. I will let you know before hand if I hit any special scenarios that I didn’t meet requirements and decide if you want to make different choices. With that said, if I’m confident that it is the top answer, I will mark it as such.

I hope to get this as accurate as possible by my follow-up run(s), so that you can play the game with almost no gacha at all. But, you should really play with the gacha.

Please ignore the marked (follow up answer). I am testing a walkthrough I have found that super contradicts what I have in my walkthrough, but I’m going to test it anyway.

Chapter 1

Scenario 2

I can’t move. (+3)
Brush his hand away.
Stop it! (passes check) (follow up A)

Scenario 3 – Elegance Trial (Needs 150+ Elegance to continue)
Scenario 6 -Special Scenario + CG (Needs 3+ Affection)
Sweet Memory ★ Luca Chapter 01: 07 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 8

Casual…? (passes check) (follow up A)
Is Luca always kind?

Scenario 12 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Lace-up brown boots (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Silver pearl necklace (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Diamond

Scenario 14

I cannot
(What should I do…?)
I want to try. (follow up A, passes check)

Chapter 2

Scenario 2

I’m fine. (follow up A, passes check)
I’m a bit scared. (-2 at check)
I can’t resist, but…

Scenario 3 – Special Scenario (Needs ???+ Affection)

Scenario 8

What do you mean worried?
Thank you, but… (follow up A, passes check)
I’m fine. (+3)

Scenario 12 – Elegance Trial (Needs 2500+ Elegance to continue)

Scenario 13

If Luca’s with me, I’ll be all right. (passes check)
I’m a bit nervous.
We have to prepare.

Chapter 3

Scenario 1

Save me. (-4 at check)
I’m okay. (follow up A, passes check)

Scenario 3 – Special Scenario (Needs ???+ Affection)
Scenario 8 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Picnic basket (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Marine border basket bag (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/1000 Diamond

Scenario 9

Do you like reading? (-4 on a followup run)
I’ll read too. (-2 follow up A)
You don’t want to do something else? (-6 at check)

Sweet Memory ★ Luca Chapter 03: 11 (Need 150 Platinum)

Scenario 13

That’s not it.
I’m scared of it getting out of control. (+5?, -2 follow up A)

Chapter 4

Scenario 4

I have to hear it from him. (-4 at check)
Luca will tell me about it. (+5, -2 follow up A)
I can’t? (+1/+0)

Scenario 4 – Elegance Trial  (Needs 3500+ Elegance to continue)

Scenario 8

No thanks. (-4 at check)
Maybe someday…
I do not trust you. (-2 follow up A)

Sweet Memory ★ Luca Chapter 04: 010 (Need 150 Platinum)
Scenario 11 – Special Scenario + CG (Needs ???+ Affection)

Scenario 14

It calms me down. (2nd run answer; ended with -2) (-4 2nd follow up) (-6 follow up)
Yeah, it’s fine. (-4 at check)
I want to touch you too. (follow up A, passes check)

Chapter 5

Scenario 2 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Red Riding Hood (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Coral pink ribbon hair band (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/2500 Diamond

Scenario 5

Why not? (follow up A, passes check)
Wait! (follow up run answer; ended with -2) (-4 2nd follow up)
What… (-6 follow up)

Scenario 8

I accept his offer. (follow up A, passes check)
Would I be a nuisance?
If Luca wants to, then okay. (-8 at check)

Scenario 9 – Special Scenario (Needs ???+ Affection)

Scenario 14

I want to know now. (-2 follow up A)
Are you trying to evade the question? (-6 follow up)
I’m fine. (-4 2nd follow up, +3?)

Chapter 6

Scenario 3 – Elegance Trial (Needs 12000? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 4

I don’t understand what you mean. (-4 follow up)
I didn’t think of that.
I can’t doubt him. (-2 follow up A)

Scenario 7

I’m worried about my memories.
I’m worried about the Red Kingdom. (-2 follow up A)
That thing that Silvio told me…

Sweet Memory ★ Luca Chapter 06: 08 (Need 200 Platinum)
Scenario 11 – Special Scenario (Needs ???+ Affection?)

Scenario 14

Thank you. (2nd run answer,ended with -9)
I want to. (-5 follow up)(-7 follow up A)
I will try.(-11, fml)

Chapter 7

Scenario 3 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Dark brown hair in country-style plait (Charm +30) – 450 Platinum
Normal: Sensous platinum colored two hight ponytails (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/5000 Diamond

Scenario 4

With who? (2nd run answer,ended with -9)
You didn’t…!(-11, fml)
Wait! (-5 follow up)(-7 follow up A)

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario (Needs ???+ Affection)

Scenario 9

Is that weird? (-10 at check)
Are you worried about Luca? (1st run answer,ended with -8) (-6 at follow up)(-8 follow up A)
I want him to accompany me. (2nd run answer,ended with -8)

Scenario 13

I want to help Luca. (1st run answer,ended with -8) (-6 at follow up)(-8 follow up A)
Because I want to do what I can. (-10 at check)
Because I don’t know that kind there are. (2nd run answer,ended with -8)

Chapter 8

Scenario 2

We’re not done talking. (1st run answer,ended with -8)(-8 follow up A)
Am I a bother? (-6 at follow up)
I don’t want to leave. (2nd run answer,ended with -8)

Scenario 2 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 7

Please come with me! (-10 at check)
Please watch my back. (2nd run answer,ended with -8)
I’m ready. (1st run answer,ended with -8) (-6 at follow up)(-8 follow up A)

Scenario 12 – Special Scenario + CG (Needs ???+ Affection)

Scenario 14

It wouldn’t be good.
If it hurts you then… (+5?) (follow up answer)
You should take everyone’s advice.

Sweet Memory ★ Luca Chapter 08: 14 (Need 200 Platinum)
Whelp, I’m blushing hard… Arithmetic, you pervs.

Chapter 9

Scenario 2 – Avatar Trial
Premium: RedXWhite colored retro dress (Charm +30) – 500 Platinum
Normal: a set of red checked collar sweater+shorts (Charm +15) – 200 Platinum/7500 Diamond

Scenario 4

I’m fine as long as you hold me tight. (passes check)
There’s nothing else I could do.
I’m a bit worried, but I’m okay.

Scenario 7

I won’t leave you even if I die.
Don’t ask me something you already know.
My place is with you. (passes check)

Scenario 10 – Special Scenario (Needs 130?+ Affection)
So, the last check (I am playing without gacha) was -29. This one is -24. Follow up A I am -10 with a -15 last check…
Scenario 11 – Elegance Trial (Needs ??? Elegance to continue)

Scenario 13

That may be true.
Even magic can hurt. (passes HE check)
That’s not necessarily true.

HE check note: The last check was -24; this one is -26. I don’t know if this would pass the HE check or not. Follow up hits at -19 for Happy End.

Requirements met for Happy Ending
Unlocks a 7-day gacha where, if you acquire the rare wedding dress, you will unlock the Premium End. Uses gacha tickets to spin.

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