Walkthrough – Prince of the Resort – Lavi Olfa Ibn Almaz

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Chapter 1

Please stop! (Correct)
This is uncomfortable with me
I’m glad to

Chapter 2

Say thank you (Correct)
Look down in embarrassment
Be unpleasant about it

Chapter 3

I feel ill today…
I’ll try my best to entertain Your Highness even with your security team (Correct)
If this continues, I’ll be as good as fired

Chapter 4

Be angry at the King
Be angry at Prince Lavi
Hold back your anger (Correct)

Chapter 5

Prince Lavi (Correct)
Prince Luke
Look over there! There’s a beautiful woman in a swimsuit!

Chapter 6

Look away in embarrassment
Feel happy in earnest
Be polite about it (Correct)

Chapter 7


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