Walkthrough – Prince of the Resort – Tomoomi Sakuraba

by Vehura
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Chapter 1

Let me see a different side of you.
I think it’s normal. (Correct)
I won’t tell anyone.

Chapter 2

Your words are too kind! (Correct)
I’m just doing my job.
Will you reward me?

Chapter 3

It’s dangerous.
Let’s have fun!
I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. (Correct)

Chapter 4

What did you mean?
Pirince Tomoomi, that’s rather…
You had no choice. (Correct)

Chapter 5

Stay silent (incorrect)
Dodge the question.
Turn to Tomoomi

Chapter 6

I don’t hate it. (Correct)
Do want you want.
Don’t answer.

Chapter 7

Ask him if he doesn’t like it.
Cling to his arm.
Entwine my fingers with his. (Correct)

Chapter 8

He’s disappointed our plans were canceled. (Correct)
He’s scared of the typhoon.
He’s ill.

Chapter 9

I want to tell hi I love him. (incorrect)
I want him to gain some self-confidence.
I want to apologize to him.


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