Walkthrough – Princess to Be – Alex Rhondhurd

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Chapter 1

I understand. (Correct)
How mean!

Chapter 2

You’re a nice person. (Correct)
You’re a caring person.
You remind me of my father.

Chapter 3

I didn’t stare at you!
Are you embarrassed?
You look handsome. (Correct)

Chapter 4

You’re welcome.
I’m glad you smiled. (Correct)
No need to thank me.

Chapter 5

I’m nervous.
I’m happy. (Correct)
Than’s no the case.

Chapter 6

I’m glad nothing bad happened. (Correct)
I’m worried.
I’m sorry you got hurt.

Chapter 7

I won’t say no.
Please protect me. (Correct)
You’re being a little pushy.

Chapter 8

Stay alive with me, Alec. (Correct)
I believe in you.
Survive, even if it’s without me.

Chapter 9

Watch in silence.
Help without hesitation. (Correct)

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