Walkthrough – Princess to Be – Dennis Sakuraba

by Vehura
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Chapter 1

…I’ll try my best! (Correct)
I… don’t believe I can.
I’d … like to return to the palace.

Chapter 2

Is that alright?
But I feel bad…
Please do! (Correct)

Chapter 3

No, it’s alright
I wonder if it suits me
Yes please! (Correct)

Chapter 4

But I’m worried about them (Correct)
Is that true?
I respect you for it

Chapter 5

That’s true…
And what about it
It’s not your fault. (Incorrect)

Chapter 6

I’m very hapy to hear that (Correct)
How embarrassing
Please don’t stare at me like that

Chapter 7

Are you teasing me?
Huh…? (Correct)
How could you put it that way…

Chapter 8

Yes, a little… (Correct)
Not at all
Of course I am!

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