Walkthrough – Princess to Be – Luca Lindberg

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Chapter 1

Thank you (Correct)
I’m okay now
Can you take my place?

Chapter 2

It’s a promise.
That’s encouraging. (Correct)
I’m glad.

Chapter 3

I was glad.
No, of course not.
It was fun being with you, Luca. (Correct)

Chapter 4

Accept (Correct)
Ask for confimation.

Chapter 5

Say thank you. (Correct)
I can rely on you, Luca.
Ask why he’s famous.

Chapter 6

Grip Luca’s hand.
Throw yourself into Luca’s chest. (Correct)
Look at Luca.

Chapter 7

…… I’m sorry, Luca.
I also had no idea. (Correct)
Being the Princess doesn’t suit me.

Chapter 8

(Throw a weapon.)
(Run.) (Correct)
(Throw stones.)

Chapter 9

Touch Luca’s cheek. (Correct)
Grip his hand.
Stroke Luca’s hair.

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