Walkthrough – Royal Midnight Kiss – Prince Edward

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending – 40 -160 Affection
  • Good Ending – 160 – 200 Affection
  • Royal Ending – 200+ Affection

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Episode 1

Scenario 5

That’s impossible.
Is that part of the job too?
Perhaps somebody else… (+5)

1.6 Edward Extra 1 (90 Platinum)

Scenario 8

Please let me go. (+5)
Has something happened?
I know I locked the door…

Scenario 12

I was thinking that you looked cute. (+5)
It’s nothing, really.
I didn’t know you could look like that.

Scenario 15 – Special Scenario (Need 15+ Affection)
Scenario 15 – Love Trial (Need ???+ KISS)

Episode 2

Extra Treasure Chapter 2:01 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 2

This was the only time.
Yes, of course.
Nothing dangerous! (+5)

Scenario 7 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Long Dress (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: White rose Pumps (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/1500 Love Points

Scenario 8

I say I don’t want to intrude. (+5)
I do as they say.
I ask if it’s really all right.

Scenario 13

No way.
I made them. (+5)
I don’t think you’d like them.

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 30+ Affection)

Episode 3

Scenario 4

What? What did he just say?
(…The Prince… is apologizing?)
Why is the Prince… (+5)

3.6 Edward Extra 2 (180 Platinum)

Scenario 10

Can’t you tell by looking at my face? (+5)
Yes, I’m very happy.
You overdid it a little, but…

Scenario 12 – Special Scenario (Need 40+ Affection)

Scenario 13

I’m not a spy.
You give me too much credit. (+5)
I’m glad you said that.

Episode 4

Scenario 3

Won’t you go back now?
Can’t you at least tell them where you are?
Let’s get out of here. (+5)

Scenario 9

(Stay silent and observe him.) (+5)
Prince Edward, are you all right?
You don’t have to eat if you don’t want to.

Scenario 10 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Edward★Yukata (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Japanese Geta (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/3000 Love Points

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 55+ Affection)

Scenario 13

No! My family is here! (+5)
P…Please let me go.
What are you going to do?

4.13 Edward Extra 3 (200 Platinum)

Episode 5

Scenario 1 – Love Trial (Need ???+ KISS)
Extra Treasure Chapter 5:03 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 3

I don’t think that.
How do you know that? (+5)
But if I had stopped you…

Scenario 7

That’s what I thought. (+5)
Is it really impossible?
Couldn’t you think about it…

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario (Need 70+ Affection)

5.11 Edward Extra 4 (180 Platinum)

Scenario 13

Has something happened? (+5)
Did you come out here alone?
You shouldn’t have come here.

Episode 6

Scenario 4

I want to finish the job.
I wouldn’t say it exactly like that…
Y…Yes… (+5)

Scenario 9

I’ll be right back.
Please wait here, Prince Edward.
I’m sure I can find it. (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 6:10 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 12

Is that how you really think of me?
You’re exaggerating. (+5)
I haven’t done anything.

Scenario 15 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 90+ Affection)

6.15 Edward Extra 5 (180 Platinum)

Episode 7

Scenario 2

Are you worried about me?
All right, Thank you.
You’re very kind. (+5)

Scenario 4 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Edward★Blond up-hair (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Rose hairclip (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/5000 Love Points

Scenario 8

If I step on your foot, I apologize. (+5)
You’re very good.
This is a little embarrassing.

Scenario 9 – Special Scenario (Need 100+ Affection)

Scenario 11

You want me to go too? (+5)
You have interpreters in your country, too, don’t you…?
I can’t be ready so soon.

7.12 Edward Extra 6 (200 Platinum)

Episode 8

Scenario 1

Why would you do such a dangerous thing?
You’re just like a ninja. (+5)
You’ll be scolded again.

Scenario 3 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 110+ Affection)

8.3 Edward Extra 7 (250 Platinum)

Scenario 8

If you do that, will everything be all right?
You don’t have to do that.
I’m very happy that you feel that way, but… (+5)

Scenario 13

I’m sorry. (+5)
Your sentiments make me happy, but…
Are you serious?

Extra Treasure Chapter 8:14 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Episode 9

Scenario 2

Why did you do this!
Are you all right!?
You did that for me… (+5)

Scenario 3 – Love Trial (Need 15000+ KISS)
Scenario 4 – Special Scenario (Need 125+ Affection)

Scenario 8

I wanted to protect him. (+5)
I still love him.
It wasn’t a problem of loving him or not.

Extra Treasure Chapter 9:9 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 13 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Edward★Diamond Necklace (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Pearl Earrings (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/6000 Love Points

Scenario 13

I received a job offer.
Do you have an objection to that?
This is my role. (+5)

Episode 10

Scenario 5

I do have confidence in my onigiri.
Thank you.
I put all of my devotion into them. (+5)

Scenario 9

What a beautiful relationship. (+5)
I feel a bit envious.
Now you’ve made peace.

Scenario 13

Does that mean you couldn’t sleep either?
You did this just for me?
Hehe, it’s also nice to drink wine and look at the moon. (+5)

10.13 Edward Extra 8 (200 Platinum)

Episode 11

Scenario 1 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 150+ Affection)

Scenario 4

I know you can do it. (+5)
Please become a brilliant king.
Your country will be much better, won’t it?

Scenario 3 – Love Trial (Need 17500+ KISS)

Scenario 6

Please go back immediately.
What are you thinking?
This isn’t funny! (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 11:9 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 13

He is a man anyone could admire.
He is a man anyone could respect.
He’s always very forceful. (+5)

Pick ending based on your points

If you choose the Royal End, after completing it, a 3-day gacha will open up. In this gacha are 7 items that take gacha tickets to spin with the first spin being free. Winning the rare. a dress, will allow you to read the story’s epilogue. Once you read the epilogue, you will be awarded a backround. Do not switch to a new story until you read the epilogue or you will have to play the story all over to read it.

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