Walkthrough – Samurai Love Ballad Party – Nobunaga Act 2



  • ???: Need 50? Chemistry + 43000 Skill Points
  • ???: 43000 Skill Points

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Chapter 1

“You will, Milord?”
“Please, I would be honored.” (+5)

“You have it all wrong!” (+5)
“I wouldn’t call it intimate…”

Story Mission
Premium: Rider’s Hakama (Item Score +80) – 8 Pearls
Normal: Horsemaiden’s Ribbon (Item Score +40) – 5 Pearl/2500 Coins

Chapter 2

Close the door.
See what happens. (+5)

Say nothing. (+5)
“No, Milord.”

Story Mission – Need 5600 Skill Points

Chapter 3

“I didn’t do anything…” (+5)
“I just gave him a little shove.”

“But I can’t just let them do this!”
“You’re right.” (+5)

Chapter 4

“May you return safely.” (+5)
Say nothing.

Wonder what happened.
“Lord Nobunaga, did something happen?” (+5)

Chapter 5

“Lord Nobunaga is a good man!”
Stay silent. (+5)

“Lord Nobunaga…” (+5)
See what he does.

Story Mission – Need 23800 Skill Points

Chapter 6

Tell him. (+5)
Laugh it off.

“Where did these come from?” (+5)
Treat his wounds silently.

Chapter 7

“Lord Mitsuhide is not a bad man.”
“He only came here to congratulate us.” (+5)

“Milady Oda?” (+5)
“Is that what I’m called now?”

Story Mission
Premium: Kimono (+80 Item Score) – 12 Pearl
Normal: Item (+50 Item Score) – 8 Pearl/4000 Coins

Chapter 8

Stop him.
Watch. (+5)

“Did Lord Nobunaga hire you?” (+5)
“Who are you?”

After reading the end, there is also an epilogue that takes ten chapters to read before you will be awarded your prizes.

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