Walkthrough – Sengoku Love (Sengoku Koi Ittou) – Hanzo Hattori

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Chapter 1

No, I’m not. (Correct)

You misunderstand.

Chapter 2

It’s a dull room.
It looks like a lonely room. (Correct)
There is nothing in this room.

Chapter 3

Were you also weak at first? (Correct)
Hmm, I see…
I don’t think so.

Chapter 4

Is it ok for me to go? (Incorrect)
Why should I?

Chapter 5

No, not really. (Correct)
Why do you think so?

Chapter 6

It’s amazing. (Correct)
No, I’m just surprised.
That was unexpected.

Chapter 7

Did he?
What? He did not! (Correct)
That’s what I felt.

Chapter 8

Why not? (Correct)
You’re lying.
What’s weird!

Chapter 9

No, not at all.
Just a little… (Correct)
I am very worried.

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