Walkthrough – Sengoku Love (Sengoku Koi Ittou) – Masamune Date

by Vehura
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Masamune is a selfish feudal Lord who is staying at Ieyasu’s castle. The heroine doesn’t know all whether his talk is serious or not…

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Chapter 1

Look away (Correct)
Scowl at Masamune
Slap Masamune in the face

Chapter 2

This is awful.
Be quiet.
It’s not awful. (Correct)

Chapter 3

Sigh with disgust
Glare at him
Seriously deny (Correct)

Chapter 4

You are pretty selfish
It’s nothing (Correct)
Just forget about it

Chapter 5

Change the subject (Correct)
Insist that I’m not shy
I don’t know what to say, so I’ll keep quiet

Chapter 6

I can’t figure out this taste
It’s delicious (Correct)
Not bad

Chapter 7

Amazing (Correct)
You are flawless
This isn’t the time to care about other people

Chapter 8

Stop him (Correct)
Don’t stop him

Chapter 9

Yukimura (Correct)

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