Walkthrough – Sengoku Love (Sengoku Koi Ittou) – Yukimura Sanada

by Vehura
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Yukimura is the second son of the Sanada house, a Lord, and the MC’s childhood friend. But what does he mean when he suggests she stop being a ninja?
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Chapter 1

I haven’t done it before so… (Correct)
I can’t possibly do as well
Sasuke, you try it

Chapter 2

Obey Lord Yukimura (Correct)
Obey Lord Masamune
Eat them on your own

Chapter 3

Ponder about it
I think it’s impossible
I think it’s possible (Correct)

Chapter 4

Apologize (Correct)
Be angry
Console him

Chapter 5

I wonder if this can’t be helped
Please get a hold of yourself
Are you alright in letting it be? (Correct)

Chapter 6

It’ll be fine (Correct)
I’m a little worried
It can go either way

Chapter 7

Tries to get away
Close my eyes (Correct)
Look away

Chapter 8

Lower my head (Correct)
Look away
Laugh it off

Chapter 9

Is it alright for me to not help?
What are you planning? (Correct)
Is there a particular reason for me to be here?

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