Walkthrough – Shall We Date? Angel or Devil – Diaval

Diaval Image

Diaval approaches you in order to ruin your soul. He has two faces, one as a hedonist and the other as a big brother who cares about his subordinates.


  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Walkthrough provided by Debra. Thank you!

Note: Walkthrough works for both Pay and Free to Play games. Italicized lines are F2P game only.

Chapter 1

Scowl at him
Shake off his hand

The demon, of course
I can’t really say

Chapter 2

Let’s get some food
Let’s go home

Angel’s Scale

​I’m sorry
No you didn’t

Chapter 3

Stop messing around
Don’t scare me like that


Chapter 4

I don’t know yet

Devil’s Whisper

Keep quiet
Interrupt him

Chapter 5

​Head to the canvas
Wait a bit longer

Reaper’s Mood

I do
I don’t think so

Chapter 6

Angel’s Scale

​Look away
Yell at him to stop

Get away
Stay like that

Chapter 7

​Why did you say that?
What about my decision?

Look back into his eyes
Close my eyes

Chapter 8

Angel’s Scale

Keep quiet
Cover for him

Reaper’s Mood

Look away
Look him in the face

Chapter 9

​I don’t have to be happy
What’s that supposed to mean?

I don’t mind

Devil’s Whisper

Chapter 10

​What ‘devouring souls’ meant
If he’s the son of the Demon King

Take me with you
Thank you

Angel’s Scale

Chapter 11 – Ending

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