Walkthrough – Shall We Date? Angel or Devil – Feyril

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Feyril is a decent angel who always puts humans first. He follows orders and disciplines. But something, or someone, is causing a change in him…


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Walkthrough provided by Debra. Thank you!

Note: Walkthrough works for both Pay and Free to Play games. Italicized lines are F2P game only.

Chapter 1

​Go with the angel
Go with neither of them

I can’t think of anything
I think I want to see a painting…

Chapter 2

I was just looking
My hand just moved naturally…

Was she a woman?
Was she your lover?

Chapter 3

All right
Let’s go together

Angel’s Scale

Um, Feyril…?
Don’t say anything

Chapter 4

Reaper’s Mood

Call out to him
Pretend to be alseep

Force a smile
Can’t smile

Chapter 5

​Let’s go
Why the amusement park?

Angel’s Scale

A little

Chapter 6

It’s beautiful
It’s really long

Devil’s Whisper


Chapter 7

Did you love her?
What was she like?

Angel’s Scale

Call out to Raug
​Call out to Feyril

Chapter 8

​I’ll go to hell with him…
Even if I go to hell… I’m alright with that

I don’t want you to fall into hell…
I want to be with you… forever

Devil’s Whisper

Chapter 9

Angel’s Scale

Could’ve… saved her?
Maybe I shouldn’t say anything

See what happens
Speak your feelings

Chapter 10

​I want to bring it to heaven
​I want to leave it here

Angel’s Scale

Will I be able to see you again?
​What’ll happen after I become an angel?

Chapter 11 – Ending

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