Walkthrough – Shall We Date? Angel or Devil – Ruvel

by Vehura
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Ruvel Image

Ruvel is a reaper with an icy face who is an avid collector of souls. He is captured by your beauty, and decides to spend your last 7 days with you.


  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Walkthrough provided by Debra. Thank you!

Note: Walkthrough works for both Pay and Free to Play games. Italicized lines are F2P game only.

Chapter 1

…turn my head away
…close my eyes

Don’t answer

Chapter 2

Maybe so
It’s not a waste

Devil’s Whisper

I want to see what you draw
Let’s draw together

Chapter 3

​Oh, nothing
I cut my finger

Wake him up
Leave him be

Chapter 4

Angel’s Scale

Talk to Latis
Chase after Ruvel

Ask him to wait
Stay silent

Chapter 5

Reaper’s Mood

Pat his head
Ask about my soul

I was scared
Thank you

Chapter 6

Wanna go together?
Would you like to go?

Devil’s Whisper

We can’t do that
Okay, but no funny business

Chapter 7

​Show him a mirror
I’m telling you it’s similar!

Angel’s Scale

I do
I don’t have to

Chapter 8

But doesn’t it look fun?
Want to look for other things?

Explain your feelings
Say nothing

Reaper’s Mood

Chapter 9

Angel’s Scale

Go with him
Protect Ruvel

Kiss him
Cry aloud

Chapter 10

​To be with you
To finish my painting

Okay, I won’t worry
That’s not going to cut it!

Angel’s Scale

Chapter 11 – Ending

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