Walkthrough – Shall We Date? Lost Island – Lionel Saito

by Vehura
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Lionel  is a security guard in the lab.  One day, he saves you from immediate danger.  Strong and manly, he’s usually a calm person, but he stays by your side to protect you from any danger.  After mysterious events in the island, you will come to know his real identity.


  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Walkthrough provided by Debra. Thank you!

Note: Walkthrough works for both Pay and Free to Play games. Italicized lines are F2P game only.

Chapter 1

​It’s nothing like that!

No, really. I’m fine!

Chapter 2

I never said that!

​Escape Point: Charm Level Checkpoint

…So you noticed, huh?

Chapter 3

​No way


​Escape Point: Laboratory Door

Chapter 4

​Escape Point: Mind Games

No, it isn’t

Don’t go!

Chapter 5

​​I can’t do that!
I guess that’s that

Escape Point: Laboratory Door

I’m fine now
It’s nothing…

Chapter 6

​Escape Point: Charm Level Checkpoint

Yes, I do
​No, I don’t

I can’t!
Let’s do it then

Chapter 7

All right
I’ll be fine, thanks

​Escape Point: Mind Games

Leave it to me!
I can’t!

Chapter 8

​T-That’s not what I meant!
Sleep together?

Escape Point: Laboratory Door

Well, I…
Yes, I do!

Chapter 9

​Escape Point: Charm Level Checkpoint

You’ve got to be kidding me
You’re so confusing!

Of course…
I’m scared…

Chapter 10

​I’m sorry everyone
How did this happen?

Escape Point: Mind Game


Chapter 11 

​I can’t be complaining now…
I’m scared…

Escape Point: Laboratory Door

Pull the trigger
​I can’t do it…

Chapter 12

Ending Chapter

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