Walkthrough – Shall We Date? Lost Island – Ryo Tsuzuki

by Vehura
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Ryo is a security guard at the lab.  He is kind and considerate.  When mysterious events occur in the island, he take the lead in dealing with the situation.  However, despite his kindness, he takes strict measures…  What makes him do so?


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Walkthrough provided by Debra. Thank you!

Note: Walkthrough works for both Pay and Free to Play games. Italicized lines are F2P game only.

Chapter 1

​I couldn’t!
Maybe I should…

Why not?

Chapter 2

​Escape Point: Charm Level Checkpoint

Why do you care?

Don’t laugh!

Chapter 3

​Escape Point: Mind Game

I can’t use this

I guess so…
That’s horrible…

​Escape Point: Laboratory Door

Chapter 4

​I’m not sure
I want to

​Escape Point: Charm Level Checkpoint

I… I…
Please don’t go

Chapter 5

​But I do

I’m scared…
I know

Chapter 6

​Say nothing
Please, can we?

Escape Point: Laboratory Door

Just like a dad
It surprised me

Chapter 7

​Escape Point: Mind Games

We can’t leave him here!
…All right

Even so…
I know, but

Chapter 8

…All right

Well, uh…
Let go of me

​Escape Point: Charm Level Checkpoint

Chapter 9

​I’ll be fine
Not really…

How cute!
You haven’t changed

Escape Point: Mind Game

Chapter 10

​I’m fine
No, I’m not okay!

Escape Point: Laboratory Door

That’s a lie!

Chapter 11 

Get a hold of yourself!
That was so scary

Escape Point: Mind Game

You idiot!
Thank goodness!

Chapter 12

Ending Chapter

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