Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Mirai Kageyama

by Vehura
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  • Happy End – 31000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Happy Ending – 42000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Ending – 42000 Trust Factor + 80 Chemistry

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Note: You will NOT be able to get the Secret Ending by just reading the route. You will need to play the gacha to win chemistry OR use your gems to make up the necessary chemistry in order to get that ending.

Episode 1

Reach out and pet it.
Back away.
Don’t move.

Evade the question by laughing it off.
Tell him exactly what happened.
Don’t say anything.

Episode 2

Ask why they’re smiling.
Pretend not to notice.
Ask for everyone’s help.

Mission – 1000 Trust Factor

Ask what Mirai wants to ride.
Tell him what you want to ride.
Urge him to get on with the interview.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Casual Rock Outfit (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Perfume-Shaped Bag (1 Gem/1200pt)

Episode 3

Ask Ryoichi.
Ask Chihaya.
Ask Noel.

Speak to him politely.
Be friendly like we promised.
Hesitate and mumble.

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Episode 4

The light pink knit dress.
The beige winset.
The blue turtleneck sweater.

Ask about Mirai’s day to day personality.
Ask about Mirai’s favourite celebrity.
Ask what kind of things Mirai doesn’t like.

Episode 5

Tell him what you think.
Trust him and wait.
Put down your camera

Play along.
Don’t play along.
Keep quiet.

Special Story Mission – Need 20 Chemisty

Episode 6

Mission – 8000 Trust Factor

Look behind me.
Start running.
Pretend to get a phone call.

I’m okay.
It was terrifying.
Don’t say anything.

Episode 7

Drink it!
Ignore him.

Argue with him a bit.
Blame it on Ryoichi.

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Episode 8

Call Cendrillon.
Send Mirai an e-mail.
Don’t do anything.

Just ask him about it.
Don’t ask him anything.
Try to make him fess up.

Episode 9

Sulk in bed.
Get up.
Look over the interview notes.

His past.
His family.
His job.

Special Story Mission – Need 40 Chemisty

Episode 10

Stare at them.
Call out to them.
Follow them.

Mission – 25000 Trust Factor

Sit down next to him silently.
Call out to him.
Touch his shoulder, then poke his cheek.

Episode 11

Too embarrassed to say anything.
Make a joke.
Look at Marsha

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Fairy Inspired Outfit (8 Gems)
Normal Route: Conservative Black Heels (5 Gem/6000pt)

Thank him.
Look away.

Special Story Mission – Need ? Chemisty
Encountered with 48 chemistry and now usualy prompt.

Episode 12

Scream out for help.
Wriggle out of the rope.
Too scared to move.

Do you want to stay together a little longer?
See you tomorrow.
Don’t say anything.

Episode 13

Tell them about last night.
Try going somewhere else.
Not sure what to do.

Call the company number.
Call Atsushi
Call Satsuki.

Special Story Mission – Need 70 Chemisty

Episode 14

What are you doing here?!
I was so worried about you!
I missed you.

Beg him to let you.
Give up.
Go with him no matter what he says.

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