Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Ryoichi Hirose

by Vehura
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  • Happy End – 31000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Happy Ending – 42000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Ending – 42000 Trust Factor + 80 Chemistry

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Note: You will NOT be able to get the Secret Ending by just reading the route. You will need to play the gacha to win chemistry OR use your gems to make up the necessary chemistry in order to get that ending.

 Episode 1

Leave the room quietly.
Chase after the woman.

I shake my head no in shock
I push him away.
I let him do what he wants.

Episode 2

Think of another plan.
Have Atsuchi call.
Don’t give up

Mission – 1000 Trust Factor

Nothing happened.
I won’t dignify that with an answer.
I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Episode 3

Of course not.
I’ll do anything to win.
I’m leaving it all up to luck.

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Is that bad?
It has nothing to do with you.
Don’t say anything.

Episode 4

I can’t.
I’ll do my best.
As long as it’s not anything weird…

It’d be nice if they were.
Of course.
I think you probably are.

Episode 5

We’re just working together.
We’re more than friends, but less than lovers.
I’m kinda like his pet.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Navy Lace Party Outfit (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Gold Clutch Bag (1 Gem/1200pt)

I think it’s really interesting.
It’s just as I expected.
I don’t know much about this stuff.

Special Story Mission – Need 20 Chemisty

Episode 6

I’m not your toy to play with.
I’m tired of arguing with you.
I’m just used to it.

Mission – 8000 Trust Factor

A fancy dinner.
A trip overseas.
I don’t really need to go on a date.

Episode 7

If you say so.
I just can’t.
I haven’t even done anything.

Well, I’m in Paris!
The wine is just so good!
It’s because I’m with you

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Episode 8

I nod.
I shake my head no.
I walk up to him.

Stop it.
It has nothing to do with you.
Of course he’s not my type.

Special Story Mission – Need 40 Chemisty

Episode 9

I want to talk to you about something.
Am I interrupting?
Yeah, see you.

No, I’m not.
I’m cheering for the both of you.
I answer noncommittally.

Episode 10

Mission – 25000 Trust Factor

It might be…
I have no idea…
It doesn’t have anything to do with me…

We’re not on the best terms right now, so…
He’d never plagiarize someone else’s work.
It might be all my fault.

Episode 11

Keep quiet.
Tell him the truth.
Wait for him to speak.

Special Story Mission – Need 50 Chemisty

I can’t say.
I have to go apologize to him.
I don’t know.

Episode 12

When did you notice?
I had no idea.
But it’s still my fault.

He seemed fine.
He told me not to worry about it.
I can’t forgive him.

Episode 13

I can’t say.
It’s kind of a long story, but…
I don’t now if I should be the one telling you.

I’d like to believe that.
I can’t believe that anymore.
It’s okay.

Special Story Mission – Need 70 Chemisty

Episode 14

I’d never do that.
All I wanted was the truth.
I’m leaving.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Formal Kimono (8 Gems)
Normal Route: Pink Kimono Bag (5 Gem/6000pt)

…Fix my dress.
…Hug Ryoichi.
…Hide behind Ryoichi.

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