Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Satsuki Kitaoji

by Vehura
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  • Happy End – 31000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Happy Ending – 42000 Trust Factor
  • Secret Ending – 42000 Trust Factor + 80 Chemistry

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Note: You will NOT be able to get the Secret Ending by just reading the route. You will need to play the gacha to win chemistry OR use your gems to make up the necessary chemistry in order to get that ending.

 Episode 1

Did I… (+2)
Tell me.
Where are my clothes?

I’ll be fine.
It’s okay. I’m going to run to work. (+2)

Episode 2

Mission – 1000 Trust Factor

Yes. (+2)
What about you?
I’ve been looking for you.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Vintage Style Outfit (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Red Pumps (1 Gem/1200pt)

Of courses I’ll go!
I can’t.
Are you sure you want me to? (+2)

Episode 3

Call for help.
Approach them.
Talk to them. (+2)

Keep quiet.
Think about it.
Just come straight out with it.

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Episode 4

Be angry.
Be happy (+2)
Be confused.

I got pretty tired, actually.
I’m glad you think so.
I had a lot of fun, too. (+2)

Episode 5

That isn’t like you.
We should cook.
We shouldn’t go out. (+2)

Deny it. (+2)
Play along.
Get embarrassed.

Special Story Mission – Need 20 Chemisty

Episode 6

Try a different store.
Think of another way to get in.
Try again. (+2)

Mission – 8000 Trust Factor

You’re working too hard.
Well, that’s rude.
Are you thinking about work? (+2)

Episode 7

Have you had dinner yet?
Are you hiding something? (+2)
Don’t ask him anything.

It’s a little embarrassing…
Of course. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Episode 8

We’ve been waiting for you. (+2)
You’re late.

I have a business trip.
I’m going on vacation.
To tell you the truth… (+2)

Episode 9

Bow to the maids.
Bow to the butler. (+2)
Bow to Satsuki.

He’s showing me back to my room.
We were just talking.
He helped me. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 40 Chemisty

Episode 10

I get that all the time.
I think you’re the interesting one.
Interesting…? (+2)

Get up and leave.
Scold him. (+2)

Mission – 25000 Trust Factor

Episode 11

Ask Satsuki
I have work.
I’d rather not. (+2)

I had fun, too. (+2)
I was a little nervous.
It really brings back memories.

Special Story Mission – Need 50 Chemisty

Episode 12

Can you help me with it?
Of course I can! (+2)
I’m not that confident…

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Urban Style Outfit (8 Gems)
Normal Route: Black Shoulder Bag (5 Gem/6000pt)

I can’t write it.
It’s my best work yet.
It’s just about finished. (+2)

Episode 13

It’s just your imagination.
I couldn’t sleep last night.
I think I just woke up too early. (+2)

Hesitate answering. (+2)
It has nothing to do with Satsuki.
Shrug it off with a smile.

Special Story Mission – Need 70 Chemisty

Episode 14

“Okay, I’m coming.”
“Can I stay just a little longer?”
Don’t move. (+2)

I’m not going to Italy.
Mike is my friend.
I’ll stay with you. (+2)

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