Walkthrough – Sleepless Cinderella Party – Yuzuki Kitaoji Season 2

by Vehura


  • Happy End – 20000 Trust Factor
  • Super Happy Ending – 20000 Trust Factor & 60 Chemistry

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Note: You will NOT be able to get the Secret Ending by just reading the route. You will need to play the gacha to win chemistry OR use your gems to make up the necessary chemistry in order to get that ending.

 Episode 1

I’m fine with whatever.
I’d rather have rings.
The simpler, the better. (+2)

I missed you.
Welcome home. (+2)
You’re late.

Episode 2

…tell him we need to hurry.
…ask if he’s going to sleep here.
…ask him if he feels okay. (+2)

Mission – 3000+ Trust Factor

I don’t care if you’re lame.
You’re never lame to me. (+2)
Just nod.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
Glittery Velvet Set (4 Gems)
Normal Route: Glittery Velvet Bag (2 Gem/2400 Salary)

Episode 3

You’re just exaggerating.
It’s only natural.
Congratulations! (+2)

You really think so!? (+2)
You must like him.
Ask him what he thought about it.

Episode 4

Who’s there?
Yuzuki? (+2)
It’s jut your imagination.

…smile gracefully.
…address her politely.
…apologize for the other day. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 10 Chemisty

Episode 5

Ignore her completely.
Say something back to her.
Get close to Yuzuki. (+2)

I’m just a normal girl.
I’m a journalist. (+2)

Episode 6

Call Yuzuki.
Gather information.
Write the truth in an article. (+2)

Special Story Mission – Need 30 Chemisty

Are you here about the article? (+2)
What are you doing here?
It’s an honor to see you again.

Episode 7

No,I won’t wait.
I can’t work like this.
I’m going with you. (+2)

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Starry Azure Set (10 Gems)
Normal Route: Starry Azure Pumps (5 Gem/6000 Salary)

I didn’t notice. (+2)
I was really busy.
Yeah, I was at work.

Episode 8

Tell them it’s true.
Avoid eye contact. (+2)
Try to leave.
(Received no popup to tell me if I had the good answer or not.)

It has nothing to do with you. (+2)
Don’t say anything.
Smile at him.

Special Story Mission – Need 45 Chemisty

Episode 9

Ask him about Yuzuki (+2)
Thank him.

Mission – 10000+ Trust Factor

Hide your face.
Run away.
You can’t move. (+2)
(Received no popup to tell me if I had the good answer or not.)


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