Walkthrough – Sweet Scandal R – Misato Yusuke


  • Normal Ending: 40 -160 Intimacy
  • Good Ending: 160 – 200 Intimacy
  • Happy Ending: 200+ Intimacy

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Chapter 1

Scenario 4

Apologize. (+5)
Ask for his signature.
Resolve the misunderstanding.

Scenario 6

I will only write the truth.
Please believe me.
Well, what should I do… (+5)

Scenario 13

It’s me… (+5)

I’m sorry.

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 15+ Affection)
1.15 Misato Extra 1 – 90 Platinum

Chapter 2

Scenario 2

Wave over to him
Call out his name (+5 via scale movement, -4 at check)
Watch quietly

Scenario 9

“Crazily honest”, yes maybe.
Not at all.
He’s so impolite. (-4 at check, +1?)

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario (Need 25+ Affection)
-4 at check.
1.11 Misato Extra 2 – 180 Platinum
Extra Treasure Chapter 2: 13 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 13

Of course. (+5)
I can’t agree

Scenario 15 – Elegance Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)

Chapter 3

Scenario 5

This is awful!
It’s [a] good one.
D-Delete it! (+5)

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 35+ Affection)

Scenario 7

I’m sorry. I can’t hear you.
You misunderstod? (-6 at check)
What do you mean by mistaken? (follow up)

Scenario 10 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Soft hair&ponytail (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Orange ribbon pearl headband (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/3000 Love Points

Scenario 11

I’m only just getting started. (+5 in original game)
I’m new.
Don’t laugh.

Chapter 4

Scenario 5

You were worried about me?
Thanks for coming to meet me. (+5 in original game)
You helped me there.

Scenario 8

He’s like a brother to me. (+5 in original game)
I’ve always counted on him
We’ve known each other since childhood

Scenario 11 – Elegance Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)
4.12 Misato Extra 3 – 200 Platinum

Scenario 15

I’ll go buy a bottle of water.
I’m going home.
Are you okay? (+5?)

Chapter 5

Extra Treasure Chapter 5: 1 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 2

What have I done?
Whose fault…? (+5?)

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 65+ Affection)

Scenario 9

How are you doing? (+5 in original game)
Long time no see.
You seem well.

Spun gacha to see if scale would move. After getting +3, scale still didn’t move. Answer must be the +1. Continuing run.

Scenario 13

Stop joking now!
Please give him some water! (first run answer, passed check even though scale still didn’t move)

Scenario 15 – Special Scenario (Need 75?+ Affection)
Passed check with +3 and no scale movement.

Chapter 6

Scenario 2 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Silver Flower earrings (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Silver Flower necklace (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/4000 Love Points

Scenario 3

Is it okay with you?
I’ll buy it myself.
Thank you. (-5 at check)

6.5 Misato Extra 4 – 180 Platinum

Scenario 8

Are you nervous?
There’s a lot of good players here.
It’s about to begin! (+5 in original game)

Scenario 14

I agree. (-5 at check)
It has nothing to do with it.

6.15 Misato Extra 5 – 180 Platinum

Chapter 7

Scenario 1

You read it?
Didn’t you like it?
I thought it was a good article. (+5 in original game)

Extra Treasure Chapter 7: 2 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 9

Sorry… (-5 at check)
Can I take the call?

Scenario 13 – Special Scenario (Need 100?+ Affection)
Need +5 to continue

Scenario 14

That’s not it. (-4 at check, +3)

Chapter 8

Extra Treasure Chapter 8: 1 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.
Scenario 3 – Elegance Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)

Scenario 4

What is it?
Is it okay for you to be missing the interview?
Congratulations on winning. (+5 in original game)

8.5 Misato Extra 6 – 240 Platinum
Scenario ? – Special Scenario (Need 110?+ Affection)

Scenario ?

Kiss on his cheek.
Kiss on his lips. (-3 at check)
Kiss on his forehead.

Scenario 13

Do you want me to? (+5 in original game)
You’ll have to remind me…

Chapter 9

Extra Treasure Chapter 9: 4 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 4

You can rely on me anytime
You just tell me what you want me to do
Just today? (+5 in original game)

Scenario 7?

You don’t need to care about it.
You spend(?) hard days than me. (-3 at check)
Coverage goes smoothly.

Scenario 9 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Cool black bag (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Red frames glasses (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/5500 Love Points
Scenario 13 – Special Illustration (Need 130?+ Affection)

Scenario 15

Why would you do that?
Don’t apologize.
Stare in silence. (+5)

4.15 Misato Extra 7 – 200 Platinum

Chapter 10

Scenario 4

I wish I could have met him. (+5)
You really did love him.
You’re really proud of your friend.

Scenario 5 – Special Story (Need 140+ Affection)

Scenario 10

Tell him the truth. (+5 in original game)
Look into it more.
Don’t say anything.

Scenario 15

Lay my hand on his hand.
Wipe his tears. (-8 at check)
Give him a handkerchief.

Chapter 11

Scenario 3 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Baby Blue Dress (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Baby Blue pumps (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/6500 Love Points
Extra Treasure Chapter 11: 6 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 6

Invite me now.(-8 at check)
I hope it will happen.
Don’t you invite me?

Scenario 7

I have never though about it.
All of you. (-8 at check)
I don’t know.

Scenario 8 – Special Story (Need 160+ Affection)

Scenario 11

Are you okay?
Ill be right there. (+5)
Is this true?

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