Walkthrough – Sweet Scandal R – Shinobu Suwa


  • Normal Ending: 40 -160 Intimacy
  • Good Ending: 160 – 200 Intimacy
  • Happy Ending: 200+ Intimacy

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Chapter 1

Scenario 5

I’m so nervous I can’t say anything.
Watch him in fascination.
Suddenly find my voice and call out to him. (+5)

1.8 Suwa Extra 1 (90 Platinum)

Scenario 10

Contact Shinobu.
Contact Shinobu’s handler. (+5)
Consult Mr. Shii.

Scenario 14

Ask him to let go of you.
Do what he says. (+5)
Scream relexively.

Chapter 2

Scenario 4

Answer the door in his place. (+5)
Don’t answer the door.

Scenario 5 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 20+ Affection)

Scenario 9

Hurry and get your things together. (+5)
Call a taxi.
Ask to stay the night.

Scenario 10 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Half-up long Hair (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Brown & Ivory ribbon (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/2000 Love Points
Extra Treasure Chapter 2: 11 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 15

Don’t worry about it.
Look out the window.
Go outside to check. (+5)

Chapter 3

3.1 Suwa Extra 2 (180 Platinum)

Scenario 4

Look away.
Remain quiet. (+5)
Search for a topic of conversation.

Scenario 5 – Special Scenario (Need 35+ Affection)
Scenario 5 – Intimacy Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)

Scenario 9

Look at Shinobu.
Support him. (+1)
Work hard on my coverage of him. (+5)

Scenario 14

Enjoy the get-together.
Talk to Ryosuke.
Wonder what Shinobu is doing. (+5)

Chapter 4

Scenario 3

Take photographs.
Run closer. (+5)
Watch how things go.

Extra Treasure Chapter 4: 5 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 10

Is it really all right?
I’ll be coming. (+5)
If it wouldn’t be a problem…

Scenario 13

I don’t understand.
I stop thinking about it.
Shinobu… (+5)

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario (Need 60+ Affection)
4.14 Suwa Extra 3 (180 Platinum)

Chapter 5

Scenario 4

Talk to Shinobu (+5)
Calm Kayano down.
See what happens.

Scenario 6

It’s fine.
You worry too much.
All right. (+5)

Scenario 7 – Special Scenario (Need 70+ Affection)
Scenario 11 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Shirt (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Shorts (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/3500 Love Points
Extra Treasure Chapter 5: 14 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 14

Watch him intently. (+3)
Stop talking. (+1)
Don’t give up and keep talking. (+5)

Chapter 6

Scenario 4

Wait and see what happens. (+3)
Ask for something else. (+1)
Even so, I want to get on that boat. (+5)

Scenario 5 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 80+ Affection)
Scenario 5 – Intimacy Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)
6.6 Suwa Extra 4 (200 Platinum)

Scenario 9

Try to gloss over it, saying that it’s just his imagination.
Go on the offensive. (+3)
Become speechless. (+5)

Scenario 12

No… (+5)
Nothing in particular.
Were you awake?

Chapter 7

Scenario 4

I don’t want to forget about him. (+5)
All I can do is resign myself…
My mind is blank.

Scenario 10

I don’t want to think about anything.
Was I mistaken?
This is how it should be. (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 7: 12 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 14

It’s all thanks to you. (+5)
I worked hard on it.
It’s all thanks to everyone’s cooperation.

Scenario 15 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 105+ Affection)

Chapter 8

Scenario 4

How are you feeling? (+5)
I was worried.
How bad was your injury?

Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Pink orange make-up (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Yellow & Purple Flower basket (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/5000 Love Points
8.6 Suwa Extra 5 (180 Platinum)
Scenario 7 – Special Scenario (Need 110+ Affection)

Scenario 9

That’s what I’ll do. (+5)
I wonder if I can do that…?
It might not be possible.

Scenario 13

Feel confident. (+5)
Don’t feel confident.
All I can do is try.

Scenario 15 – Intimacy Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)

Chapter 9

Extra Treasure Chapter 9: 5 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 5

Let’s work hard on the article. (+5)
I’m leaving now.
Something’s not right…

Scenario 9

You should call someone else…
Do you think I can?
I understand… (+5)

9.10 Suwa Extra 6 (200 Platinum)

Scenario 13

I’m sorry about the inconvenience.
I’m going to write a great article. (+5)
Thank you!

Scenario 13 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Chic Bag (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Cross strapped black heels (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/6000 Love Points

Chapter 10

Scenario 5

Thank you for letting me interview your mother.
I have a lot of confidence in this article.
I worked hard on this! (+5)

Scenario 9

I know that you can win.
I’ll be rooting for you.
You’ll win. (+5)

10.10 Suwa Extra 7 (220 Platinum)

Scenario 11

Look Shinobu in the eye. (+5)
Get more angry.
Don’t say anything else.

Scenario 12 – Special Scenario (Need 150+ Affection)
Extra Treasure Chapter 10: 15 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Chapter 11

Scenario 5

Tell him you’re waiting. (+5)
Tell him to go home.
You’re seriously shocked.

Scenario 8 – Intimacy Check (Need ???+ Intimacy)

Scenario 9

I love you too. (+5)
I’m so happy.
Don’t say anything.

Scenario 12 – Special Scenario+CG (Need 160+ Affection)
11.12 Suwa Extra 8 (240 Platinum)

Scenario 15

He’s a very good friend.
Don’t say anything.
He is my boyfriend. (+5)

Choose your ending based on the amount of points you have.
Follow up run, requirements met for Good End. Need +35 for Happy End.

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