Walkthrough – The Cinderella Contract – Claude’s Sequel


  • Normal Ending: < 120 Affection
  • Good: 120-130 Reputation
  • Royal: 140+ Reputation + rare dress from gacha

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Tips for the Sequels:

  • Once you read the Good End, a gacha will open. You have seven days to obtain the rare dress from this gacha to read the sequel’s royal end. It takes gacha tickets to spin. You will win all items 9 spins.
  • The answers at 4.10 are glitched. When this was first found out, Arithmetic gave out Reputation +10 for the glitch that they still havent fixed. Unfortunately this isn’t going to help new players who can’t get those items. So, make sure that you play the gacha to make up those 9 points

Chapter 1

Scenario 2

I’m fine.
Thank you.
It’s embarrassing. (+5)

Scenario 7

Yes. (+5)
I think so.
I’m not sure.

Scenario 10 – Elegance Trial (Needs 1000+ to continue)

Scenario 13

What do you mean?
You called me out here…
It will take a long time to explain, but… (+5)

Scenario 15 – Special Story + CG (Needs 15+?? Reputation)
Claude Sequel Extra 1 – Chapter 1:15 (Need 200 Platinum)

Chapter 2

Scenario 4

I wonder why.
I don’t understand. (+5)
What do you think it means?

Scenario 6 – Avatar Trial
Premium:Milky Balloons (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Yellow Pumps (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/1500 Feminine
Scenario 8 – Special Story (Needs 20+ Reputation)

Scenario 9

Since my memory is fading. (+5)
As I can’t respond to your hope.
Because I’m making you feel sad.

Claude Sequel Extra 2 – Chapter 2:11 (Need 200 Platinum)

Scenario 13

I won’t believe that he’d do such a thing.
I don’t believe it.
Maybe there was a reason… (+5)

Chapter 3

Scenario 5

I don’t think that we’re unrelated. (+5)
I want to find you proof quickly.
I hope that I’m your wife.

Scenario 7 – Elegance Trial (Needs 4000+ to continue)

Scenario 8

This answers is glitched and gives out no points)
You’re kidding, right…?
I don’t want that. (+5 ACCORDING TO THE JP PLAYERS)
Don’t say that.

Scenario 13 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Hair Accessory (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Choker (Charm +15) – 100 Platinum/3000 Feminine

Scenario 14

what’s going on between you and Claude?
What’s going on between you and I?
What’s going on between Claude and I? (+5)

Chapter 4

Scenario 5

I was sad.
I don’t think he needs me anymore.
I can’t stop thinking about it. (+5)

Scenario 6

… Yes. (+5)
Can I come?

Scenario 10 – Special Story(Needs 55+ Reputation)
Claude Sequel Extra 3 – Chapter 4:10 (Need 200 Platinum)

Scenario 12

O-okay. (+5)
I’m a bit worried.
I’ll try my best.

Scenario 14 – Special Story + CG(Needs 60+ Reputation)

Chapter 5

Scenario 2

It was…
I don’t remember. (+5)

Scenario 6

I want to be with him.
Is it really that hard to believe? (+5)
Is that not allowed?

Scenario 11

If Claude finds out about this…
Because I’m the crown princess… (+5)
I’m not the real crown princess.

Scenario 13 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Bijoi Eye (Charm +60) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Rose (Charm +25) – 150 Platinum/6000 Feminine

Chapter 6

Scenario 2 – Elegance Trial (Needs 9000+ to continue)

Scenario 3

I thought you’d already decided where we’d go.
Let me think about it. (+5)
Where do you want to go?

Claude Sequel Extra 4 – Chapter 6:5 (Need 200 Platinum)
Scenario 8 – Elegance Trial (Needs 11000+ to continue)

Scenario 10

That’s not true.
I don’t want to.
I’m scared to ask him. (+5)

Scenario 12

They haven’t come back.
They’ve come back. (+5)
That has nothing to do with this.

Scenario 15 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Volume gather yellow Dress (Charm +80) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Brown Party Hair (Charm +30) – 200 Platinum/10000 Feminine

Chapter 7

Scenario 3

I’m sorry. (+5)

Scenario 6

That’s unusual…
That’s a problem…
We can’t go home to Flanelia yet, can we? (+5)

Scenario 7 – Special Story(Needs 100+ Reputation)
Scenario 10 – Elegance Trial (Needs 15500+ to continue)

Scenario 13

Call for help. (+5)
Do nothing.

Claude Sequel Extra 5 – Chapter 7:14 (Need 200 Platinum)

Chapter 8

Scenario 1

I won’t obey you.
I’m sorry.(+5)
Are you serious?

Scenario 9

Look at Claude.
Look at Victor. (+5)
Don’t look at either of them.

Scenario 10 – Special Story(Needs 115+ Reputation)
Claude Sequel Extra 6 – Chapter 8:11 (Need 200 Platinum)
Scenario 13 – Elegance Trial (Needs 20000+ to continue)

Scenario 15

He’ll definitely come.
He might already be there.
I believe in him. (+5)

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