Walkthrough – The Cinderella Contract – IF Isuka

by Vehura
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  • Normal Ending: < 60pts
  • Good Ending: 60+pts

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Chapter 1

Scenario 5

Grab his arm.
Walk next to him. (+5)
Follow behind him.

Scenario 7

I want to know. (+5)
What are you hiding?
I need to figure out whether or not you’re Asena.

Scenario 13 – Special Illustration (Need 10+ Affection)
If Isuka Extra Scenario “Slip” (Need 200 Platinum)
Isuka feels all up on your boobs. You like it, don’t lie.

Scenario 14

The name card could be fake. (+5)
I’ll trust you.
I’ll have my company run a background check.

Chapter 2

Episode 2  – Love Trial (Need 1500 Elegance)

If Isuka Extra Scenario “Sea” (Need 200 Platinum)
“It’s breathtaking enough for you to even forget about me.” Never Isuka. Never…

Scenario 4

I’m surprised.
I believed in you.
I’m curious about your relationship. (+5)

Scenario 9 

I’d need to meet Prince Hassim, first.
He is Asena’s enemy. (+5)

Chapter 11 Premium Route – Special Scenario (Need 25+ Affection)

Scenario 11

Nice meeting you.
I’ll do my best.
I think I can do well. (+5)

Scenario 13 – Avatar Trial – Avatar Trial
Premium: Yellow-green eye (Charm +25) – 300 Platinum
Normal: White heel (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Feminine

Chapter 3

If Isuka Extra Scenario “A trace” (Need 200 Platinum)
Isuka is very worried Hassim did something to you. He also might want you to take your clothes off. Eh, I’m cool with that.

Scenario 4

I need to greet Asena first.
Is something wrong? (+5)

Scenario 8

You’re that way too, Isuka.
You’re different than him, Isuka. (+5)
Asena is impressive.

Chapter 10 Premium Route – Special Scenario (Need 40+ Affection)

Scenario 14

I don’t want that.
I don’t mind if it’s compensation. (+5)
I want to hear his true feelings.

Chapter 4

Scenario 1

Of course (+5)
Is it alright if I go?
I’m a little scared.

Episode 5  – Love Trial (Need 5000 Elegance)

Scenario 8

Were you awake?
What would happen? (+5)
Did you just wake up?

Scenario 11

Does nothing cross your mind?
Will something new begin? (+5)
I wonder if something will happen…

Scenario 11 – Avatar Tria
Premium: Fluffy Curl (Charm +45) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Blue rose headband (Charm +12) – 150 Platinum/2500 Feminine

After you finish, there is an After End on the My Page. Do NOT reset the scenario if you wish to purchase it.

If Isuka Extra Scenario “After End” (Need 200 Platinum)

(Note: I have been told they have remove this AE)

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