Walkthrough – The Cinderella Contract – IF Lugar

by Vehura


  • Normal Ending: < 60pts
  • Good Ending: 60+pts

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Chapter 1

Scenario 3

Now that you mention it… (+5)
At yesterday’s party…

Scenario 6

Mr. Lugar
Master Lugar
Lugar (+5)

If Lugar Extra Scenario “Secret Marks” (Need 200 Platinum)
You like hickies? You like being held down? You like what felt like a pretty long extra chapter? Then this may be for you!

Scenario 12

What is this?
I didn’t see anything.
Just a little. (+5)

Scenario 13 Premium Route – Special Illustration (Need +15)

Chapter 2

Episode 2 – Love Trial (Need 1500+ Elegance)

Scenario 3

There’s nothing in particular. (+5)
Stop speaking so formally.
Cancel the contract.

Scenario 3 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Clear glass purple eye(s) (Charm +25) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Deep Purple heel(s) (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Feminine

Episode 7 Premium Route – Special Story (Need +20)

Scenario 10

I trust you.
I don’t know. (+5)

Scenario 15

I wonder if you’re right… (+5)
Thank you.
Why do you think that?

Chapter 3

Scenario 2 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Side curl medium hair (Charm +45) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Purple x green color bouquet (Charm +20) – 150 Platinum/2500 Feminine

Scenario 3

What are you doing?
Good morning.
Are you going to work now? (+5)

If Lugar Extra Scenario 8 “The Monologue” (Need 200 Platinum)
Lugar is still hanging out while you are sleeping and hugging you. Then he realizes it’s a little messed up that he’s touching you while you sleep…

Scenario 9

Thank you.
I’m sorry.
Why? (+5)

Scenario 11

Yes, I am.
No, I’m not. (+5)
What do you think?

Chapter 4

Episode 4 – Premium Route Special Story – (Encountered w/47 Reputation: 45 from story and 2 from his gacha)

Scenario 5

This is a problem. (+5)
Do you want me not to?
I am.

If Lugar Extra Scenario 5 “I wanna…” (Need 200 Platinum)
This man is playing the “But I’m a priest” card one second and then touching, biting, and licking you in the next. I don’t get it… BUT, I’m willing to over look it. LOL

Scenario 9

Thank you for coming. (+5)
I didn’t know what would happen.
What do we do now?

Episode 10  – Love Trial (Need 5000 Elegance)

Scenario 13

Are you joking again?
I’m happy.
Is it all right? (+5)


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