Walkthrough – Vampire Love – Akira Hatakeyama

by Vehura


  • Normal Ending: ??? Affection
  • Happy Ending: ??? Affection

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None of these checks are exact amounts. This is going to be… “interesting.”

Episode 5

Pass it off with a It’s nothing, I’m ok. (-13 at check)
Laugh as say I’m fine!
[H]onestly say, I’m a little hot.

Episode 5 Akira:Extra Ticket – 150 Platinum
Episode 9 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Bun Hair (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum
Normal: Ponytail (Charm +2) – 50 Platinum/500 Love

Episode 10

Wait, I’ll fix it myself.
It’s embarrassing, but let him fix it. (-13 at check)
It’s no big deal.

Episode 15

Just do what Akira said
Maybe I should help
Check out how the floor is doing (-13 at check)

Episode 20

That’s a joke, right?
Did I hear that right? (-13 at check)
Ask what he meant.

Episode 20 Akira:Extra Ticket – 200 Platinum

Episode 25

I don’t want to make either one
Make chocolate for Ren
Make cookies for Akira (-13 at check)

Episode 26 – Skill Check (Need ???+ Skill)

Episode 29

Take a day off from work
Ask Akira about it. (-13 at check)
Just go to work.

Episode 30 – Special Scenario + CG (Need ??? Affection)
Episode 30 Akira:Extra Ticket – 150 Platinum

Episode 34

Do you like cookies (best answer?)
Don’t ask anything
What do you dislike?

Episode 35 – Avatar Trial
Premium: ruffled nightie (Charm +10) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Penguin pajamas (Charm +2) – 150 Platinum/5000 Love

Episode 40

You feel happy
You want to tell Akira (best answer?)
You feel worried

Episode 40 Akira:Extra Ticket – 200 Platinum

Episode 44

Don’t bother him anymore (best answer?)
Ask him why he won’t eat any
Tease him

Episode 45 – Special Scenario (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 50

I can’t rely on Akira all the time
I think too much about Akira
It’s just as Akira said (-25 at check)

Episode 55

Say thanks to Akira
Just stay still
Hold onto Akira (-25 at check)

Episode 60

Hesitate and stop
Resist (-25 at check)
Let him move you

Episode 65

Just take me back to my place
I can walk, don’t call a taxi.
Say thank you. (-25 at check)

Episode 63 – Skill Check (Need ???+ Skill)

Episode 70

I’ll ask him later.
Don’t ask.
Ask him about it. (-25 at check)

Episode 75

Talk about it with someone else
Look for him (-25 at check)
Give up

Episode 79

Ask Akira for help (-25 at check)
Try hard to push him away.
Don’t resist, just give in.

Episode 81 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Cat leg drawers (Charm +10) – 400 Platinum
Normal: lily of the valley lamp (Charm +2) – 200 Platinum/6500 Love

Episode 83

Go gently
Ask directly (-25 at check)
Ask casually

Episode 86 – Special Scenario +CG (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 88

I want to protect Akira.
I only want Akira to help me when I’m in trouble.
I want to rely on Akira.(-4 at check)

Episode 94 – Skill Check (Need ???+ Skill)

Episode 95

Ask him what he meant
Run away from him.(-4 at check)
Stay calm.

Episode 96 – Special Scenario +CG (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 98

Let me think about it
No, I don’t
Of course I remember (somehow I’m -10…)

Episode 99 Akira:Extra Ticket – 200 Platinum
Episode 101 – Special Scenario + CG (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 104

Love (best answer?)

Episode 110

I think it’s a different reason
There’s no other reason (best answer?)
There’s no reason to think about it.

Episode 111 Akira:Extra Ticket – 300 Platinum

Episode 115

What should I do?
Talk to him. (-33 at check)
Calm myself down.

Episode 119

Throw something at the window (-33 at check)
Cry out for help
Do nothing

Episode 120 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Skinny denim (Charm +10) – 500 Platinum
Normal:three line jersey (Charm +2) – 250 Platinum/8000 Love

Episode 125

Be surprised. (-33 at check)
Say something
Grab on to his arm.

Episode 125 – Skill Check (Need ???+ Skill)

Episode 130

If only I was more careful
I’m worried about Akira (-33 at check)
I hate this blood

Episode 130 Akira:Extra Ticket – 300 Platinum

Episode 135

Because I wouldn’t listen to what Akira told me? (-33 at check)
Because all I do is make trouble for Akira?
Because I was trying to become self-reliant?

Episode 135 – Special Scenario (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 136 HAPPY END Check

-48 for HE


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