Walkthrough – Vampire Love – Ren Kosaka

by Vehura


  • Normal Ending: ??? Affection
  • Happy Ending: ??? Affection

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None of these checks are exact amounts. I reached a check at 101, check before was -35 total and I was -34 at the check. I’m not even sure how this game works…

Episode 5

See if he’s okay. (+5)
Say nothing (+1)
Inquire about his condition (+3)

Episode 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Floral Skirt (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum
Normal: Flower ribbon headband (Charm +2) – 50 Platinum/500 Love

Episode 10

I was wrong…
There’s no helping it…
I need to apologize (-13 at check)

Episode 10 Ren:Extra Ticket – 150 Platinum

Episode 15

I should ask why. (-13 at check)
I’m being a bother by getting in his way.
Back off.

Episode 20

Give a quick explanation for now
Calmly explain the situation (rep up)
Briefy explain the situation (-13 at check)

Episode 25

First off, try and calm down
It was probably just my imagination (-13 at check)
Tell him off (rep up)

Episode 25 Ren:Extra Ticket – 200 Platinum
Episode 29 – Special Scenario + CG (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 30

Anyways, what did Shion do to me? (+1)
Does Kousaka-san really not like me? (+3)
What about that birth mark? (+5)

Episode 30 – Skill Check (Need ???+ Skill)

Episode 35

Get ahold of your senses. (-8 at check)
Resist desperately.
Let the strength fade from your body.

Episode 35 Ren:Extra Ticket – 150 Platinum

Episode 40

His blunt way of talking.
The chocolate he’s always eating. (-8 at check)
The distance he always keeps from others.

Episode 45

Remove myself from Kousaka-san’s body (-8 at check)
Grabbed onto Kousaka’san’s hand (rep up)
Embrace Kousaka-san

Episode 50

Maybe I’ve driven him to the wall.
I can’t talk with him or be near him? (rep up)
I want to get along better with Kousaka-san. (-8 at check)

Episode 55

I don’t need anyone’s help. I’ll figure something out on my own.
Try and Kousaka-san to help.
Try and Kousaka-san to help but then rethink it. (-8 at check)

Episode 55 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Fairy Makeup (Charm +10) – 300 Platinum
Normal: girly makeup (Charm +2) – 150 Platinum/5000 Love

Episode 60

First off I need to apologize
Explain how I arrived at my decision to do what I did. (-8 at check)
Go on the offensive.

Episode 65

I’ll try asking him.
I don’t want to rely on the help of others.
I want to try investigating a bit more on my own. (-8 at check)

Episode 65 Ren:Extra Ticket – 150 Platinum
Episode 68 – Skill Check (Need 6000+ Skill)

Episode 70

Maybe I was stood up.
I’ll wait around a bit longer. (-8 at check)
I’m sure he was just help back at work.

Episode 72 – Special Scenario (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 75

Bend my wrist to make it easier to drink from. (-14 at check)
Silently watch over him without moving. (best answer)
Hold his head and back up. (-12 at check)

Episode 80

But I still want to get along better. (-10 at check)
I’ll wait and see a little longer..
I’ll keep the distance between us like I have been.

Episode 83 – Special Scenario + CG (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 85

It’s just my imagination
It’s embarrassing. (-13 at check)
Is it because it’s Kousaka-san…? (best answer?)

Episode 90

Rub Kousaka-san’s back..
Do nothing.
Hide Kousaka-san with my body (best answer?)

Episode 91 – Avatar Trial
Premium: One Piece (Charm +10) – 400 Platinum
Normal: ruffle blouse (Charm +2) – 200 Platinum/6500 Love

Episode 95

I hate this.
Of course.
If you’re okay with me. (best answer?)

Episode 97 – Skill Check (Need ???+ Skill)

Episode 100

Is he feeling for my blood?
I have a ban aid for first-aid.
Simply take his hand. (best answer?)

Episode 100 Ren:Extra Ticket – 200 Platinum
Episode 101 – Special Scenario + CG (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 105

History and folk tales (+5?)
Occult books
I want to give up.

Episode 110

Avoid answering (+5?)
Tell Shion what has been going on.
Give a vague answer.

Episode 115

Try smiling.
Send him a sign to tell him I’m alright (+5?)
Avert my eyes from him.

Episode 115 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Heart motif of shoes (Charm +10) – 500 Platinum
Normal: enamel shoes (Charm +2) – 250 Platinum/8000 Love
Episode 119 – Special Scenario (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 120

I should try to make sure he drinks blood.
I want to apologize. (+5?)
I’ll leave him undisturbed for now.

Episode 124 – Skill Check (Need 15000+ Skill)

Episode 125

Think something else to distract myself.
I’m getting scared after all!
Close my eyes. (+5?)

Episode 126 – Special Scenario (Need ??? Affection)

Episode 129

I can’t stant it anymore, I’ll go help. (-6 for HE)
He told me to stay away so I’ll bear with it. (-9 for HE)
I’m not gonna watch this any further, I’ll cover my eyes.

Episode 134

I was. (-6 for HE)
You were.
Maybe both of us.

Episode 135 Ren:Extra Ticket – 300 Platinum


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