Walkthrough – Wizardess Heart – Hisoka Hagakure

Hisoka is a merchant from Hinomoto. Behind that smiling face lies a secret waiting to unravel. Maybe he has a story to tell.


  • Unhappy Ending
  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending

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Chapter 1

Part 9

Be evasive.
Talk to him. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 14

“You’re nice. Thank you!”
“I want to see you again, too.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 2

Part 6

“I’m glad to see you again.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I didn’t think we’d meet again.”

Part 13

“Hey, that’s no true.” (+7 Intimacy)
“You’re right.”

Chapter 3

Part 5

“I think so, too!” (+7 Intimacy)
“Oh, I don’t think so.”

Part 10

“No, not at all!” (+7 Intimacy)
“Are you sure you want me to do it?”

Chapter 4

Part 4

“No! You can’t!” (+7 Intimacy)
“All right.”

Part 10

“I have… charms?”
“I think you’re far more charming.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 5

Part 3

“This is tough…”
“Don’t worry…” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 9

“I will!” (+7 Intimacy)
“You’r teasing me, aren’t you?”

5.14 Magic Challenge – Need 2000pt Magic Grade to continue

Chapter 6

6.3 Avatar Challenge
Premium: Hinomoto Abacus (Room) (+5 Charm) – 200 Lune

Part 8

“Fallen for me all over again?” (+7 Intimacy)
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Part 12

“A-Are you really going to sleep on the floor?” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 7

Part 4

“No!” (+7 Intimacy)
“All right.”

7.6 Magic Challenge – Need 4000pt Magic Grade to continue

Part 8

“That seems kind of sloppy…!”
“I think you’re right.” (+7 Intimacy)

7.12 Avatar Challenge
Premium: Hinomoto Vender’s String Sandals (Room) (+25 Charm) – 100 Coins
Normal: String Sandals with Bells (Room) (+5 Charm) – 400 Lune

Chapter 8

Part 2

“If you talk like that…I’m going to take you seriously.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 11

“I wish I could have met him.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I’m sorry…”

Chapter 9

Part 5

“No, I’m not.” (+7 Intimacy)

9.11 Magic Challenge – Need 9000pt Magic Grade to continue

Part 13

“That sounds tough.”
“I prefer you like this.” (+7 Intimacy)

9.14 Avatar Challenge
Premium: Long Pigtail with String Head (Room) (+40 Charm) – 300 Coins
Normal: Outwards Short Bob with Strong Head Accessory (Room) (+10 Charm) – 1500 Lune

Chapter 10

10.5 Avatar Challenge
Premium: Webbing-strap Somegi with Overgarment (Room) (+80 Charm) – 800 Coins
Normal: Tassel Double-color Dress (Room) (+40 Charm) – 5000 Lune

Part 2

“I don’t know.”
“You should.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 14

Speak up. (+7 Intimacy)
Keep watch.

Chapter 11

11.3 Avatar Challenge
Premium: Big Market Background -Open- (Garden) (+100 Charm) – 1000 Coins
Normal: Big Market Background -Close- (Room) (+50 Charm) – 9000 Lune

Part 5

“Well, you see, it’s a long story.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 11

“What if it doesn’t work out?”
“I know this one will work out.” (+7 Intimacy)

11.17 Magic Challenge – Need 12000pt Magic Grade to continue

Chapter 12

Part 2

“That is my fault.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Things were complicated.”

Part 13

“Don’t give up.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I guess so.”

12.17 Magic Challenge – Need 15000pt Magic Grade to continue

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