Shall We Date: We the Girls by NTT Solmare

Happily ever after? So they say.

Your life as a princess of fairytale land becomes extremely boring once you marry the prince that you literally live the life of a couch potato.

Thanks to moody Hurricane because she sends your prince to another world!

When your luxury lifestyle is at risk, you decide to embark a journey to find your prince…!

Status: On-Going

Genre: Fantasy




  • Daily Free Spin Diva Slot. Don’t forget to spin it! Free Avatars, Power Recovery Items, Storage, and Pebbles.
  • Max out your friends. Greeting is a pain, but if you want the free Zeni, max out your friends ASAP.
  • Do Cat Fight every 4 hours. You are gonna need Gossip to pass checks. Set an alarm to remind you to play the skill bout every four hours.

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