Welcome to Otome – A Short Introduction

by Vehura
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Since the release of Mystic Messenger, a lot of interest has grown for the world of otome games! This post is just to give you some very basic information on the games themselves.

Otome games (otome translates to “maiden”) are video games that are target for the female market. I tend to look at otome the way that one would a romance novel or movie but in video game form where the goal, besides an overall plot end goal, is to romance one of several male love interests (and, in rare cases, female love interests) while playing as a female Main Character. You want her to find love. While some people tend to self-insert themselves in the role of the main character, many people also just look at these games as a story they are reading from the MCs Point of View.

There is no “wrong” way to play these games. Play how you want and be happy.

There are two types of otome games on the market: pay and free-to-play.

Pay otome games come in two forms:

  • Pay for the whole game up front like you would with most other video games
  • Pay-per-route, where you purchase each character’s story individually

Both types of games allow you to play the stories or games over and over again to your heart’s content as many times as you want within a few hours if you decide.

Free-to-play games overwhelmingly come in one form.

Most games are based on a ticketing system where you are given 5 free tickets a day to read the story and if you want to read more before your tickets refill, you must either pay for more tickets or use tickets you have acquired for free. Some games ticketing system has you gaining a ticket every 4 hours.

They also have things like dress-up, point building systems that are required for you to do to pass checks in the story, and gacha. Think of gacha as the coin machines at the store where you put a quarter in, turn the crank, and win a prize. The word Gacha is an onomatopoeia for the sound the crank makes when you turn it. “gacha gacha gacha.”

Most of these games also have events which are overwhelmingly where they make their money in order to keep bringing new content and story routes.

During these events, you can get special stories, items, clothes, and more! And often, event sets are sold alongside these events to encourage you to purchase them to achieve your goal of completing the event.


If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me! I will be making these post on an irregular basis to help those of you want to know more about these games be more informed!

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